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Black Mink

The black mink produced by Van Ansem Farms. This special type of black mink has a deep, dense under fur with short silky guard hairs and a natural black-blue color. 

Van Ansem Farms values:

High Animal Welfare

The color and texture of the fur is largely determined by ensuring that the mink are fed a balanced diet and enjoy the best possible care. However, it is also essential that the animals be kept in natural surroundings. The sheds are therefore set up in such a manner as to create a pleasant living environment for the mink. In each pen there are two animals, the have enough space to move around freely and has continuous access to fresh water, feed and straw. 

Environment and Sustainability

Fur farming today is a process that has minimal environmental impact, in a very sustainable way. The long-term success of our business depends on raw materials of all our products being sourced and produced is a sustainable way. It’s the fur that is most valuable; the waste products from the mink, including manure and animal fat are used in the manufacturing of biofuels, oils, pharmaceuticals and fertilizer. It’s important that we challenge ourselves to find new and innovative ways to improve or sustainable impact of our farms around the world.  


Van Ansem Farms is proud to feed our animals fresh and high quality foods. The color and texture of the fur is largely determined by ensuring that the mink are fed a well balanced diet. The feed for our mink must be composed with the greatest of care. The feed that our mink consume supports the agricultural production cycle. Nothing is wasted during the process. The waste products of other industries eggs, cheese and meat are used to feed our mink, these by- products can’t be used for human consumption.

Employee Welfare

Creating great animal welfare starts with our great people. We ensure our success by taking care of our people, encouraging them to grow, and treating them with dignity and respect. We also support the empowerment of female employees within our business. We are dedicated to the communities we serve. A big part of our corporate responsibility work involves giving back to the communities in which we operate.

David Dittrich is a finished product, which is ultimately finds its way to consumers the whole world over… 

Korea: Shon Han, General Manager, Jindo Fur.

Jindo customers expect the top quality of mink for their fur garments. At Jindo, we always pride ourselves in providing only the finest quality mink. David Dittrich is one of our choices for our valuable customers because of its short, very silky nap and thick underwool. 

Italy: Maurizio Braschi, President, Braschi Fur

At Braschi Fur we use only the finest quality of mink for our designs. The mink pelts from David Dittrich meet all of our demands. The complexity of our designs requires the best quality material with which to work. David Dittrich Mink is perfect for Braschi Fur. 

Greece: Naoum Ditsios, CEO, DTS SA.

The dressing of a fur skin is an important step in the production of a fur garment. At DTS SA, we work with designers and manufactures from around the world. We process millions of mink skins of different qualities and origins. It is  always a pleasure to handle the skins of David Dittrich. These skins are consistent in overall quality. We find the customers are always pleased with the outcome of David Dittrich Mink. 

North American Black Mink

The David Dittrich name is recognized within this international fur community as a reliable source for the production of fine quality mink and as a leader in the industry.