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About our mink


Unicorn Mink offers award winning mink throughout the most popular of natural mink colorations. The diversity of Unicorn farm locations allows for the finest genetic make┬Čup in each color category. Meticulous animal husbandry practices are applied to maintain the pure bloodlines of the breeding stock.


Just as the environmental surroundings for the animals are important, it is also vital that the impact of their environment coexists in harmony with all of nature. Unicorn Fur Farms subscribe to socially responsible business practices that assure the protection of the environment.


Attaining the perfect combination of color, clarity, texture and nap requires skilled professionals at every level production. This is an area in which Unicorn Mink leads the industry and exceeds all standards set.

The color and texture of the fur is largely determined by ensuring that the mink are fed a well balanced diet. The feed for furbearing animals must be composed with the greatest of care. Unicorn Fur Farms are closely allied with Futrex in Europe and Amercian Feed in the USA.

Animal welfare assures finest quality

Veterinary nutritionists ensure that all ingredients meet the dietary needs to produce a healthy mink. The state-of-the art feed kitchens use the latest technology to assure that the processing and storage of the feed is carried out in strict accordance with all statutory requirements.

For mink, it is very important that they are able to live outdoors in natural climate conditions. Unicorn Mink are raised in housing that cater specifically to this need. Each adult animal has its own cage offering optimal space for movement and exploratory behavior. There is continuous access to fresh water, feed and straw.

Types of mink

Unicorn Mink offer nine natural colors of ranch raised mink. Each of these colors has is own unique characteristics.


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