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Certification is an industry wide initative


Certification is an industry wide initiative, infiltrating each stage of production from farm to retail. By the year 2020, all auctions houses can only sell certificate skins.
There are two animal welfare programs; WELFUR; European Certification Program for Mink and North American Welfare Mink Certification.

Furmark is a independent world- class, comprehensive certification and traceability program that covers sustainability, animal welfare and the dressing and dyeing of fur.

Furmark will help our industry to speak with one voice.

Furmark sets high standards to protect animal welfare. Furmark programs are based on a scientific approach to animal welfare in order to transparently and impartially assess animal wellbeing. Farms are regularly visited for quality assurance.

Furmark is a guarantee of commitment to the highest sustainability standards and assurance that the fur industry is striving to further improve the sustainability of the sector.

Furmark also guarantees independent third – party’s inspections will be conducted.

Being certified by Furmark means our programs have satisfied Furmark’s global standards.

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Image: Certification is an industry wide initative
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