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Prince Carnaval


As every country has their own traditions, so does The Netherlands.  This tradition, named Carnaval,  is especially popular in the southern part.  Each year ‘Carnaval’  is celebrated for 4 days.  This year the festival runs from 9 to 14 February.

A highlight of the event is the naming of a prince.  For 2018, the prince of De Rips will be Bob van Ansem; a third generation Mink farmer in the van Ansem Group.

The tradition dictates that the prince has to wear a cape with fur trim for these four days.  For this occasion, the van Ansem Group created a cape with sumptuous white Unicorn Mink.

Bob exclaimed  ‘Dees Carnaval kan ut nie bont zat’ (This Carnaval will be very furry)
Alaaf, Alaaf, Alaaf!

Image: Prince Carnaval
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