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Unicorn Fur Farms announces change in pelt processing


For the first 2018 fur auction in North America, which is scheduled to take place at North American Fur Auctions in Toronto from February 26th through March 4th, Unicorn Fur Farms will be offering their fine quality mutation mink that has been processed on “wide boards”.  The colors will include:  Silver Blue, White, Pearl, Palomino and Cross Mink as well as Demi Brown.

Bas van Ansem, partner in the Van Ansem Group, a global entity that is synonymous with quality and reliability throughout the fur farming sector and owner of Unicorn Fur Farms and its label, has explained their decision for change, “Our customers have come to us with a request that our mink pelts be sized to meet their needs for resale and manufacturing. As the international fur industry progresses, we dutifully acknowledge that some changes must be implemented to ensure customers’ needs are met and there is added value for our products.”

Other color phases of Unicorn Mink will be offered with the updated wide board sizing as soon as time allows for this to be done in a manner that does not affect the quality and integrity of the Unicorn brand.  

The Van Ansem Group is dedicated to open communication with fur industry members, listening to their requests and advice and taking action whenever possible to ensure the best quality in service and product for all.

For further information please contact: or visit the official website,

Unicorn Mink is sold exclusively at North American Fur Auctions, Toronto, Canada.

Image: Unicorn Fur Farms announces change in pelt processing
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