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Unicorn May offering


A highlight of the collection will be over 10,000 Marble Mink skins in produced in North America by Unicorn, USA.

The total offering more than 400,000 Unicorn mink includes a variety of colors in both short nap and short to medium nap.  The fine quality of mink skins sold under the Unicorn label are offered exclusively at NAFA.

White mink: 74,000
Palomino: 48,000
Pastel: 56,000  SN
Pastel: 32,000  SMD
Pearl: 88,000  SN
Pearl: 31,000  SMD
Silverblue: 50,000
Demi: 30,000
Marble: 10,000 (Unicorn USA)

Image: Unicorn May offering
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