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Van Ansem Group visiting Saga Furs Creative Hub


Saga Furs had planned a two-day schedule that was packed with new insights and updates about the developments in the international fur trade. During the first day a visit to the warehouse was made where the grading process was further explained. It was amazing to see the logistics and grading process of all the skins at Saga Furs. The afternoon was filled with several webinars about sustainability, communications and social media.

During the second day the ladies worked hands-on, learning how to prepare, cut, and sew fur. During the afternoon a pompom and special Unicorn design were constructed. A brief visit was paid to the beautiful streets of Helsinki to round off this very informative trip.

 ' Having you in the Hub it was first of all inspiring, and encouraging. It has been a boost of optimism, during these rough times we are living in.
Secondly, to see young generations approaching with curiosity, being eager to learn more, and being interested in what we do here in the Hub gives us hope about what awaits us in the future.

Not only did you learn how to make a fur pompom, you also learnt how to prepare a design, how to cut the skin, and how to sew, and you did a great job, although the technique I chose was quite complex!

It was very funny, but above all gratifying to see how you had dedicated yourself to the task, no matter how hard it might have been. All in all, it wasn´t only me teaching something to someone, this was more like building, and creating strong friendships through sharing knowledge, and experiences. '
Victoria Tosatto
Furrier & Product Developer, Saga Furs Creative Hub

The Van Ansem Group would like to thank Saga Furs for their hospitality and their inspiration on the industry.

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Image: Van Ansem Group visiting Saga Furs Creative Hub
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